Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Mix -- UAB research blog gets cracking

Welcome to The Mix, the blog of the University of Alabama at Birmingham research enterprise.

Mix of subject matter. Mix of biochemicals in the body and the lab. Mix of disciplines that defines UAB. Most importantly, the funk band “Hollywood Al and The Mix” played at my wedding.

My name is Greg Williams, and as research editor I will do most of the posting early on, even as I invite experts from around campus to join in.

Our goal is to provide useful content about medical research underway here and nationwide. Beyond just pushing out information, we will try to be of service to communities around shared interests.

The first few posts will be text, with photo streams and podcasts coming online in the next month. Video and livecasts will follow as we experiment.

The blog is linked to a new UAB Research News website, and we hope you will find us in Twitter (@themixuab) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/TheMixUab). You can also send me an email at gdw@uab.edu or UABresearch2012@gmail.com. I look forward to talking online and face to face. Maybe I will see you at the National Association of Science Writers meeting in October.

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